About Us

When it comes to chauffeuring, GEC is in a league of its own. GEC provides a luxurious experience of comfort, safety and class. We take the responsibility for our planet hence have a fleet of luxury cars with minimum or zero impact on the environment.We are a chauffeur company with a difference, offering the best services at every opportunity to make your journey a pleasurable experience. We are a London-based company with years of experience in our industry.

Customer Safety is our utmost priority at all times. Our Chauffeurs are selected by their training, experience` and professionalism. Our modern and a new fleet of cars provide exceptional safety standards and our staff is specially trained for ensuring safety standards are maintained at all times.

Punctuality – All our cars arrive at the pickup destination fifteen minutes prior to booking time.

Flexibility – We are flexible with our clients, and allow for ad hoc services when required. We understand that each customers needs are different and hence cater for this.

Our staff is well versed and knowledgeable about London and surrounding counties to avoid the rush hours and traffic when discussed.